B Acceleration Programs 
Open enrollment!
Showcase your technological expertise and provide solutions to the challenges presented by leading corporations.
Open call until July 5, 2024.
What are the 
B Acceleration Programs?

The main objective of the B Acceleration Programs is to drive collaborative innovation projects between top startups and local and international technology companies, along with our corporate partners.

Selected companies will have the opportunity to
offer solutions that can be implemented in real environments, collaborating with them in the development of testing and proof of concept.

Moreover, BAT provides a comprehensive support package aimed at
accelerating the development and growth of the selected startups through an intensive work program, facilitating market proximity, connections, access to funding, training, mentoring, and a dedicated workspace for project development.

What benefits does the acceleration program offer?

While there are many acceleration programs out there, the distinctive feature of the B Acceleration Programs lies in the fact that they are based on challenges presented by leading companies in search of new technological solutions for their own challenges. For this reason, the added value compared to other acceleration programs is that corporations offer:

· Technical support through technical specialists
· Real testing environments and real data for testing
· Possibility to develop Proof of Concepts (PoCs) in real environment

Additionally, they also provide all the value offered by top-notch acceleration programs:

· Masterclasses, mentoring, and guidance from experts to mature and scale your business
· Google Cloud credits
· Workspace at BAT
· Financial assistance to attend and establish in Bizkaia (see terms and conditions)
· Access to networking events and activities
· ...and many more advantages of being part of our community.

Corporates and challenges

In this first edition of the B Acceleration Programs, we have partnered with 6 top-tier corporations that are seeking cutting-edge technological applications to provide solutions to various challenges they face.

For further program details, in-depth understanding of the challenges, and access to the terms and conditions, please click on each of them.

This is how the program works…

The application period will remain open from June 5th to July 5th, 2024. Once all the applications have been received, the corporates will pre-select the finalists who will be invited to the B Acceleration Week.

Each finalist startup will participate in the B Acceleration Week (September 24th, 25th, and 26th) and will have visibility in front of over 50 corporations attending the exhibitor. This includes having their own stand and the opportunity to pitch to other companies and investors.

B Acceleration Week is positioned as the most important entrepreneurship and innovation event in northern Spain. This gathering promises to be a milestone in the startup and innovation field in the region, serving as a prominent platform for knowledge exchange and the promotion of innovation within the BAT community.

During this event, the challenge launching corporates will carefully select the companies they consider suitable to participate in the program and for the development of collaborative projects.

If selected, startups will receive invitations to participate in three immersive weeks (in-person) or sprints scheduled for early 2025. It is anticipated that the joint design and development of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) will occur during these immersion periods.

NOTE: Participation in both the B Acceleration Week and the immersive weeks is mandatory in order to carry out the concept testing with the corporations.

Application and selection phase calendar


Application period – From 05/06/2024 to 05/07/2024

Finalist startups Announcement – 18/07/2024


Participation in B Acceleration Week and selected startups announcement – 24, 25, & 26 September (In person participation is mandatory to continue in the program selection process)


Program KICK OFF


Development of B Acceleration Programs (On site participation)


Open enrollment for startups

In addition to the B ACCELERATION PROGRAMS offered throughout the year, we also provide other programs and initiatives that facilitate the growth and acceleration of our startups, as well as fostering connections among members who can collaborate to accelerate their innovation processes and learn from each other's experiences!


International Connections
BAT B Accelerator Tower pioneers tailored acceleration initiatives, strategically crafted with the aim of providing startups with the necessary momentum to grow and scale their projects.​
Third Edition Beaz Acceleration Program

● Business growth training program
● Expert advice
● Initial investment of up to €100,000
Program finished
Second Edition BBK Arin Acceleration Program

● 5 finalists
● Access to a network of more than 400 mentors
● 70 hours of training and mentoring
● €100,000 BBK Arin Fund
Program finished
Startup Wise Guys is a leading European accelerator dedicated to fostering the growth of B2B startups. In collaboration with BAT, SWG introduces the "SaaS Accelerator Program," providing reserved placements with specially tailored conditions for startups affiliated with the BAT community.​
More info coming soon
In the near future, BAT B Accelerator Tower will unveil acceleration programs in partnership with member corporations within the BAT ecosystem!​





visiting international startups


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scheduled connections
BAT B Accelerator Tower orchestrates missions and residencies for international startups in Bizkaia, focused on fostering connections between BAT community members and cutting-edge technological solutions from diverse ecosystems.​
Delve into the experiences of our visiting startups
Would you like to collaborate on organizing an international startup mission with us, or are you interested in participating in an international mission to BAT? ​
Contact with us​

Move worldwide in search of opportunities

Thanks to direct and indirect missions and other international mobility programs, you will have access to the hubs connected with BAT, take part in trips where we will learn about other specialized ecosystems, and get acquainted with the projects that visit us!
Global Mobility Programs