We offer programs and initiatives that facilitate the promotion and acceleration of our startups, as well as the connection between those members who, working together, can accelerate their innovation processes and learn about other experiences!

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Trade Missions​
BAT B Accelerator Tower pioneers tailored acceleration initiatives, strategically crafted with the aim of providing startups with the necessary momentum to grow and scale their projects.​
Beaz Acceleration Program is the first public-private startup accelerator in Bizkaia, seeking unique startups in the growth phase with a scalable business model, providing support in the development of their projects.​
Startup Wise Guys is a leading European accelerator dedicated to fostering the growth of B2B startups. In collaboration with BAT, SWG introduces the "SaaS Accelerator Program," providing reserved placements with specially tailored conditions for startups affiliated with the BAT community.​
BBK ARIN accelerates entrepreneurial initiatives pursuing economic, social, and environmental profitability. We provide comprehensive support through tailored training, mentoring, and access to diverse funding opportunities.​
In the near future, BAT B Accelerator Tower will unveil acceleration programs in partnership with member corporations within the BAT ecosystem!​
BAT B Accelerator Tower orchestrates missions and residencies for international startups in Bizkaia, focused on fostering connections between BAT community members and cutting-edge technological solutions from diverse ecosystems.​

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Would you like to collaborate on organizing an international startup mission with us, or are you interested in participating in an international mission to BAT? ​
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Thanks to direct and indirect missions and other international mobility programs, you will have access to the hubs connected with BAT, take part in trips where we will learn about other specialized ecosystems, and get acquainted with the projects that visit us!
Global Mobility Programs