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B Acceleration Program in
New Materials and Digital Technologies in Construction
by Altuna y Uria
In an increasingly competitive and changing business environment, identifying and exploiting new technologies and solutions is key to sustainable growth. Hence, Altuna y Uria aims to uncover new opportunities in terms of products or services that can meet emerging market needs. In this regard, it presents 3 challenges to the market:

CHALLENGE 1: Digital Innovation for tracking ongoing construction projects
At Altuna y Uria we incorporate the advantages offered by digitalization and new technologies to improve the capture of data generated during the various processes of our works and its subsequent predictive analysis. We are committed to optimizing the comprehensive management of our projects through these innovations.

We continue to identify and adopt cutting-edge solutions that increase efficiency, accuracy, and facilitate seamless communication among all stakeholders.

This challenge has two aspects: the optimization of internal processes linked to business (design, budget, purchasing and supply, planning) and its link with the production process, which implies, in turn, the digitalization of on-site processes and the elimination of analog methods for capturing, recording information and document management (material consumption, use of machinery…)

To address this challenge, we are looking for a viable and tested solution in the industry, ready to be implemented with technical feasibility, and easy integration with the systems currently used by the company.

CHALLENGE 2: Innovation in Recycled Construction Materials
Sustainable innovation is the strategic axis for Altuna y Uria. Through this challenge, Altuna y Uria seeks to innovate and promote the sustainability of its constructions through the development and inclusion of new materials, including those produced from recycled construction waste.

In this sense, new materials are sought that, being sustainable and allowing the environmental impact of other current alternatives to be reduced, do not compromise their quality and safety.

Solutions are sought whose manufacturing and production are economically and technically viable, which have already been tested in real environments, and which comply with current EU standards.

CHALLENGE 3: Digital Innovation for diversification and generating new Business Opportunities.
In addition to the above, all kinds of solutions that allow for the exploitation of new market niches and thus diversify the business are valued. Therefore, Altuna y Uria proposes discovering unexplored opportunities in terms of products or services that can meet new specific market needs, based on the potential of digital technologies.
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