BAT, The World's Best Connected Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem

Discover what it means to be part of the BAT community and grow along with startups, companies, investors and the main technology players worldwide.
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Better resources. More chances. Whether you are a startup or a company, BAT offers access to specialized, high added value programs and services to take your project to the next level.

A large community of startups, companies, investors and technology partners.

Far more than an entrepreneurship centre, the BAT community is connected to more than 140 international hubs where key agents interact to create solutions that will allow them to grow and lead new challenges.
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Everything you need to grow

At BAT, we identify and provide key services and resources to each community member, so they can focus on developing solutions and furthering their businesses.

Take a look at what we have for you and for the partners that most interest you.

Take your project to the next level

No two projects are the same. Thus, BAT offers programs with your required degree of specialization to boost and accelerate your project.

Learn about the different types of programs and find the one that best suits you.
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A dynamic community

Discover BAT’s events and conferences, the best chance to learn, gather round the leaders of the most interesting fields, and get better acquainted with the members of the community.
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BAT, a territory's commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation

BAT is located in the economic and financial heart of Bilbao, a strategic place in Souther Europe to develop projects and grow startups. Bizkaia stands out for having a solid political framework, its own tax system, and proactive administrations that create and attract new economic opportunities, talent and investment.

Learn more about the centre and Bizkaia’s entrepreneurship!
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Collaborate with leading companies and partners in your field

BAT is the sum of all its agents. We believe in collaboration as a success model for each project. That is why part of the services and programs are designed for community collaboration in order to solve the innovation challenges of each field.

Over 140 international hubs at your fingertips

Always close to the partners you need, wherever they may be.

We will bring you close to the partners you need, wherever may be.

Thanks to the more than 140 centres connected to BAT and the networks of strategic partners, you can be globally connected and remain in touch and up-to-date with the latests events worldwide, and collaborate with the best to develop your projects.

Worldwide connection with your field’s most strategic hubs

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