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B Acceleration Program in
Quantum-Safe Environments for Communications and Critical Infrastructures
by Ayesa & Ibermática Fundazioa
Quantum computers are steadily approaching the necessary level of technological maturity to unlock new algorithms that will revolutionize a wide range of areas in the scientific and technological sector. However, this new technology also poses a threat to the modern cryptographic infrastructure on which all our communications rely. Fortunately, the cryptographic community has been preparing for this moment for years by developing new quantum-safe cryptographic primitives known as PQC or Post-Quantum Cryptography.

At Ayesa, we aim to support the industrial sector in the process of migrating to these new cryptographic primitives, and our next step in this journey will involve transferring our knowledge to the real productive context of a client in the energy sector. To achieve this goal, we would like to enlist the help of a startup that can assist in the following areas:

● Communication protocols for OT environments (OPC UA, MQTT, etc.).
● 4G and 5G communication networks and antennas.
● Cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities in OT environments.
● Communication networks for control systems.

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