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Warehouse Automation: Crafting the Future of Industrial Operations
by MC Sonae & EIT Manufacturing
Warehouse logistics management faces numerous internal challenges, such as the automation of manual processes, the lack of knowledge about the location of goods, and the integration of all elements of the supply chain. These challenges are further compounded by external factors, such as land scarcity and its cost, which necessitate the reinvention of storage spaces to enhance their efficiency.

Within this broad spectrum of challenges, there are countless opportunities for the application of technologies that allow for improved internal processes and routes, better organisation of warehouses, elimination of downtime, faster order preparation, easier inventory management, and reduced loss or deterioration of goods, especially given the importance of e-commerce activities.

In light of the above, MC Sonae is seeking technologies in the areas of:

Picking: through the optimisation of operator routes in the warehouse, operator collaboration with automated systems, among others, to increase productivity levels.
Product/Equipment Location Operations: to improve knowledge of the positioning of objects (products, infrastructures, moving equipment).

Both through solutions that integrate or combine hardware and software.
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