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New Smart Mobility Management Solutions
GERTEK S.A. is a Basque company with over 20 years of experience in the traffic sector, both urban and interurban, specialized in delivering advanced tools and expertise to improve the mobility of people and goods.

In the coming years, there will be significant changes in the traffic and transportation sector, both in Europe and around the world. New technological innovations and mobility services, where digital technologies will be one of the strongest drivers and facilitators of this process, enabling data exchange among various system actors.

Managing mobility systems comprehensively, whether in cities or between cities, is a challenging goal. It involves not only technological advancements but also important social, environmental, and economic components.

With the aim of connecting supply and demand in real-time, Gertek faces challenges that require obtaining occupancy information to make more efficient use of resources, whether it's a shared vehicle, surface parking, or dynamic pricing.

To achieve this, two technical and operational challenges are proposed:

● Real-time occupancy monitoring of surface parking spaces in the city, without massive sensor deployment. The goal is to improve user information and minimize traffic induced by parking search, by providing real-time availability of parking spaces.

● Determining the number of occupants in a vehicle. Having information about vehicle identification and occupancy will enable improved mobility management, allowing for user incentives such as dedicated lanes, access to restricted areas, and more favorable pricing.

The starting point for the solution implementation could be parking in the city, traffic on roads and highways, as well as camera images, toll data, and vehicle-provided information.
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