BAT - Biscay Startup Challenge

Does your startup have what it takes to compete in the largest international startup competition?
Win the opportunity to take home USD$ 1,000,000
The regional phase will be held exclusively at BAT B Accelerator Tower throughout the national territory.
You can also win 4 BAT coworking memberships and € 2,000 to attend the Startup World Cup Grand Finale in Silicon Valley.


Largest startup competition 
around the world

Startup World Cup is a global conference and competition that brings together the top startups, VCs, entrepreneurs and world-class tech CEOs.

Startup World Cup BAT - Biscay is a regional competition that is part of the global Startup World Cup series, taking place in 60+ countries. The Grand Finale brings all the regional champions to Silicon Valley (San Francisco) where the winning team is awarded with a USD$ 1,000,000 investment prize.

BAT B Accelerator Tower will provide €2,000 to cover travel expenses to San Francisco for the winner of the regional phase.

It's your chance to shine and demonstrate your startup's potential before a panel of experts and industry leaders. Show that you're the best at what you do and advance to the grand final.

Regional finals:

Date: 22 November 2023
Time: 11:00am - 14:00pm
Location: BAT B Accelerator Tower

The startups registered in this call that attend the regional finals will participate in a draw at the event to win 4 BAT coworking memberships during the first half of 2024!


11:00:  Opening event: BAT B Accelerator Tower & Pegasus Tech Ventures
11:20:  Keynote Speaker: 'Entrepreneurs: The Future of Business'
11:45:  Pitching Competition: From Energy to Mobility Solutions
   - Broadbit (Energy)
   - H2SITE (Energy)  
   - Guane (Energy) 
   - Follow Inspiration (Mobility)
   - Unmanned Life (Mobility)
   - EPOWERLABS (Mobility)

12:30: Coffee Break
12:45: Pitching Competition: From Digital to Biotech Solutions
   - Bromalgae (Biotech)
   - Nucaps (Biotech)
   - Useflow (Digital)
   - BravePay (Digital)
   - Nymiz (Digital)
13:30: BAT Coworking Memberships Raffle
13:45: BAT Biscay Startup Challenge Winner Ceremony

BAT Biscay Startup Challenge judges

Ander Muñoz
BEAZ Director for Innovation and Strategic Initiatives
Industrial management engineer from the University of Deusto, with additional training in business competitiveness and strategic innovation.

After several years in business consulting for banking and insurance entities, I joined BEAZ Bizkaia with the vocation of supporting people with entrepreneurial vocation, startups and companies, always keeping in mind the economic development of Bizkaia.

Since joining BEAZ in 2015, I have developed various functions in the organization: at first, finding financing for startups and companies; later, developing projects such as the strategy to attract startups to Bizkaia, designing and launching BAT, the international entrepreneurship and innovation center of Bizkaia, among others; now, as director of innovation and strategic projects of the entity.

Furthermore, I am lucky to combine my activity at BEAZ with teaching subjects related to entrepreneurship and innovation for international students at the University of Deusto.
Cristobal Alonso
CEO Startup Wise Guys
Cristobal is an experienced serial entrepreneur (3x CEO), serial early-stage investor (450+ investments), and global executive (leading teams and projects up to 500 people).

Cristobal leads as CEO, “el Patron” of Startup Wise Guys. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and serves as Spain’s INSEAD Alumni Association President and President of INSEAD Global Entrepreneurship Club.

Cristobal is also a talented chef, former professional basketball player, and pianist.
Javier Santiago
Seed Capital Bizkaia Coordinator
Javier has been the coordinator of Seed Capital Bizkaia since 2017. Seed Capital Bizkaia is the Provincial Public Company attached to the Department of Economic Promotion of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, dedicated to the administration and management of various financing instruments. Previously he worked for 16 years in different firms as an analyst and investment manager in equities and fixed income in Bilbao and Madrid.
Jon Lorenzo
Digital Natives Account Manager en Google Cloud
Senior IT business specialist, with over 15 years experience. Expert in growing new business and currently working as Digital Natives sales for Iberia in Google Cloud.

Great personal relationship skills, and considered as a trusted advisor for Startups, Jon has deep knowledge of the hardware & software market, and able to lead complex, consultative selling projects.

BA in Business & Marketing studies, Executive MBA, Jon has professional experience in top technological companies as Oracle, CISCO, Amazon and Google along with entrepreneurial experiences launching their own Startups.
Eriz Sainz
BAT B Accelerator Tower Director
Eriz is a distinguished expert with more than 14 years of extensive experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as the Director of Consulting at PwC and Director of B Accelerator Tower (BAT), he boasts a strong educational background with degrees in Industrial Organization Engineering and Computer Engineering. He holds multiple certifications, including those in entrepreneurship and social impact strategy.

Eriz's career highlights include leading strategic initiatives at sectorial and territorial levels and providing comprehensive advisory services to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs. He has also contributed to academia and actively mentored over 100 organizations, leaving a significant impact on the business and entrepreneurship landscape.
Mauricio O’Brien
Regional Development Manager Eurocrowd
Mauricio O’Brien joined Eurocrowd in May 2020 as Regional Development manager and for Eurocrowd’s country responsible at the Spanish Strategic Group (SSG). Training-facilitator in alternative finance and fundraising. Institutional relations advisor in european projects linked to civic crowdfunding, social innovation and rural development.

Providing his expertise to support Eurocrowd’s dissemination of knowledge about crowdfunding through regional and local entities and supporting training-programs, coaching and capacity-building efforts within the framework of the SSG.

He has over 15 years of experience in Design & ICT and working with academic institutions in higher education, coordinator and co-director of the Master Degree course "Design and Architecture" (2004- 2015) at Elisava - Design and Engineering School of Barcelona. BA in Arts and Design by the Southampton University and Postgraduate in “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship” by UNED.

Previous positions, as co-director in a crowdfunding platform in charge of the creative direction, training and public relations, CEO-Founder at Federación de ideas (2009-2017) - Design & Communication Studio.

Don't miss this unique opportunity and get ready to compete on an international level in the Startup World Cup

Network with top tier investors.

Develop corporate partnerships and hear from top industry experts.

Valuable feedback from judges and industry leaders, enabling you to improve your startup’s business strategies.

Showcasing your startup on this global platform will increase brand awareness and expose you to a broader audience.


Your startup's future begins here!


23 October 2023


12 November 2023


15 November 2023
The 10 best startups for the regional finals will be chosen.


22 November 2023
The regional champion will be selected and 4 BAT coworking memberships will be raffled among the participating startups attending the event.


29 November 2023
With all regional winners.


1 December 2023


Frequently-asked questions

What type of startups can apply?

There are no restrictions to apply. We encourage startups in any domain, at any stage, to apply. Please note that the startup must be a legal entity not just an idea.

We have already raised some capital, are there any restrictions for applying?

There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised, we encourage everyone to apply.

Is there an application fee?

It is free to apply.

What will the BAT - Biscay Startup Challenge winning startup receive?

Startup World Cup will provide free tickets to attend the Networking Party and the Grand Final in San Francisco to the winning startup from each regional event. BAT B Accelerator Tower will provide € 2,000 to cover the winner's costs.

Who will be evaluating my applications?

Application review committee will consist of representatives from VCs, incubators, and angel investors.

How long will each startup pitch for?

In the regional final, the pitch will be 5 minutes and the Q&A will be 5 minutes.

Do you have any sample application slides?

Please see the pitch deck template here

Can I participate in the draw for the 4 BAT coworking memberships to be held at the regional finals?

All startups registered in this call, who attend the event on 22 November, will be entered into the draw. 

Is it a requirement to tweet after I submit my application?

It is not a requirement, but part of the judging criteria will be based on startup’s activity level on Twitter. Be sure to use hashtag #SWC2023 and #STARTUPWORLDCUP so we see your tweets!

My startup is not in Biscay. Can I still apply?

We accept applications regardless of your location. We encourage you to apply to the closest regional competition.

Can I apply to more than one regional?

Startups can apply to more than one regional, as long as the startup is not a regional champion. Remember that the BAT – Biscay Startup Challenge is the only one in the national territory.